Big Sur Post 4 of 4

We made vegan cheezeburgers, some of us made double cheezeburgers. We used Gardein and Daiya and cheezeburgers might not be the usual backpacking fare and that’s why we did it. A bit of challenge to not smash the buns but it all worked out in the end. One of us cooked in stainless, one in titanium and the other on non-stick. All techniques worked out quite well but cook on low heat on titanium, it heats up real fast. Bring a lid of some sort so you can melt that cheeze.

For breakfast I made breakfast tofu and Field Roast Apple Maple Breakfast Sausages. Those maple sausages are so good, addictive. Then it was  time to head back down the trail. Backpacking in Big Sur was incredibly beautiful and amazing.

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